How to Get Your Game On Front Page in Roblox

Getting your game on front page gives you a lot of benefits. It helps create your brand and most importantly it earns you a lot of free roblox. There are some particular things you need to have in mind when it comes to your roblox game. It is not easy, but it is not hard as well. Without further due here are my top 6 things on how to get your game on front page in Roblox.

1. Idea

The game idea is one of the most important things in making a game. Try not to make a game that have been made 100 times already. It is important and it is the hardest step. Think of something that will get people’s interest. It can be something that has to do with your favorite hobbies like music or sports, construction or cars, etc. Don’t make an RB, don’t make a sword fight game and definitely don’t make a hangout place because it’s been made too many times already. It’s easy to make and that’s not gonna get you a lot of visits. It’s just a WASTE of time.

2. Details

Believe it or not, people like to play games that are detailed. Take your time on the detailing and do not rush it because that will make it worse. Make as detailed, but not too deailed, otherwise it may be very slow and laggy for the other players. Not everyone has a PC with high specs. They might have a cheap slow video card. I would recommend the maximum of maximum 25,000 bricks. If you are not sure how many bricks you’ve added get a copy of crazyman32‘s model called Brick Counter GUI. Leave this in your work space so that when you go to play your game it comes up with a GUI telling you how many bricks are in your game. You can also use a free model if you feel you can’t make your own. What I usually do is I take a model and I edit it and make it function a lot better. I pay a lot of attention to details and I try to make it visually stunning. When people see that you paid attention to the details, they will definitely give the place a Like and this is what you are looking for.

3. Advertising

Advertising gets you to easy visits, but they also cost you robux. Use programs like, photoshop cc. They have the tools you need to make a great add. is a free photo editing software so you can download it for free. Adobe Photoshop is ridiculously expensive and it is used by film companies or music studios and things as such. It’s your decision which on will be better for you. I always use for my ads and I use it for my Youtube thumbnails as well. It’s fast and easy to work with. Along with I am using a plugin called Megalo Effects Plugin Pack. On the page of the plugin choose the very first one on the top. With the plugin will be able to make your very first own ad. Your ad must be detailed and eye-catchy. Make it look bright to convince them play your game. They can be funny or they can be beautiful. You can look at other ads to make an idea on how you will want to make yours.

4. Scripting

It’s alright to use a free script. When I started roblox I sucked at scripting and I didn’t actually now what those functions mean. I looked out on the Roblox Wiki and I started out with the Basic Scripting Tutorials until I moved on to the Expert Tutorials. It’s hard to do it, but it helped me to become a good scripter even though it may take months to years of practice. Either way, get a free script and try to add to it something really amazing. That’s what I do really and that is a really good thing as you are grabbing ideas for your game.

5. Naming Your Game

It may not make sense for a lot of you, but it is best to name the game after you finish it. If you set your game title when you’re not finished and someone saw it, it will take your game idea to make his game and rush it a lot more to finish it before you. His game will be done already until you made the first page and you will be the one who copied the idea when he actually took your idea. Basically, the moral of the story is if you’re gonna make a game  and finish it before you name it. Don’t give your idea to anyone, keep it as a surprise.

6. Thumbnails and Video

This is the same as making an ad. Your thumbnail needs to be detailed as well and also to fill in the theme of your game. Thumbnails like that are great thumbnails and that is what people really want to see. As with ads you can check what other popular builder’s are making for their videos and thumbnails as well. Just like crazyblox‘s video on his flood escape game. His video looks well produced and professional with a minimum of effort.

These are my most important six steps in making your own game and to get it on front page. Just remember that this will take a lot of time. You need to strongly follow these six rules, be patience, keep advertising your game and you will eventually get to the front page.



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