Roblox Hack For Robux 2018

When it comes to roblox, we all want a full experience. What prevents robloxians to have it is the lack of capital for buying robux. This new roblox hack for robux is a true game changer. It can easily deliver free robux into your account without paying a dime.

What is ROBLOX

Roblox is a MMORPG game that became the definition of a successful video game. The user generated content is what makes roblox one of the most original games. It is a game made by users and for the users. However, the other side of roblox is the Roblox Corporation ‘game’. If you want to play roblox to its full, you have to pay for robux. As you may already know, robux is not necessarily easy to acquire. It is one of the most expensive currencies within the gaming world and unless your family is wealthy, you can say goodbye to robux. Just as most of the game is user generated, this roblox hack for robux is also created by roblox players.

roblox robux generator no survey

A Perfect Game?

Roblox is a good game, but is not a perfect game mainly due to the robux aspect. Although you can still have a lot of fun without robux, at some point we wall want to go beyond and get the total experience. No matter your views regarding this, you can’t deny the fact that robux is missing from your game. We are not against roblox by any means. We want to keep things balanced between us and them. This is why we need a free robux solution that will not damage the overall financial aspect of roblox. The roblox hack for robux is created with a daily limit of free robux so that the company will still have the necessary profits to keep roblox alive.

A Different Roblox Hack for Robux

There are many free robux tools online. If you have previously searched for a robux hack, then you know that these are not working. At least, not anymore. The fact that there is no daily limit implemented within the older robux tools these became unusable. It makes them easy to detect and then proper measures are taken against them. With a daily limit of free robux, the tool is invisible to the roblox servers. This may not be a favourable scenario as we all want to get as much free robux as possible. However, if a long-term free robux solution is needed, then a daily limit is imperative.

roblox hack for robux

Not only it makes it undetectable and long living, but the daily limit has even more advantages. The amounts of robux you can generate are the same amounts as in the roblox store. This makes you account look natural when you are generating free robux using this roblox hack for robux. The daily limit also avoids the program crashing due to overload. Roblox is a popular game and many are looking for a free robux solution. This means that many will be using the roblox hack at the same time. As you can see the daily limit makes this hack tool for roblox the safest free robux solution.

The Daily Limit of the Roblox Hack for Robux

Coming up with the daily limit solution was just one part of the developing process. The hardest part was to discover what is the optimal daily limit as to avoid detection and to make this roblox hack for robux 100% safe. After long testing periods, we have come up with an optimal amount of 80,400 free robux. This is the highest amount one account can generate and still be in safe conditions. With 80,400 free robux, you will have more than enough to afford whatever you want to buy from roblox.

This Roblox Hack for Robux is Global

Although we are one of the teams that failed drastically in the past in creating a reliable free robux solution, we have finally managed to overcome what most coders did not. Our previous versions were windows based programs which although they did have a daily limit, they drastically failed in accuracy. Most of the times the selected amounts of free robux were not successfully generated into accounts. This new roblox hack is online based, therefore it can be used from any device. To achieve this, we had to combine old techniques with new technology. This roblox hack for robux uses the old way of limited amounts of free robux and you can do this from any device and from any location. However, online based means that all users are using the same PC resources. This means that we have limited processing power and we had to implement verification measures to avoid our servers being overloaded. Instead of having a dead program it is better to have a sluggish, safe and reliable roblox hack for robux. This is why there may be verification methods when our servers get used by many robloxians.

UPDATE: The new roblox robux generator has been updated. The new version is now able to emulate the payment option. This increases the level of efficiency and safety even more. Because we have had a few complaints for account banning, we had to add this new feature that makes this robux generator no survey safer, faster and easier.

The new free robux website can be accessed at Here you will have to activate the payment emulation option before you start the generating process.

Original Source: Roblox Robux Hack


Phantom Forces Best Tips & Tricks

Phantom Forces is a first person shooter with amazing graphic design quality. It combines those elements using ROBLOX. It was released on 5 November, 2014 and has been popular ever since. Although this game may look “simple”, it is quite challenging (even for the experts of first person shooters).


Phantom Forces was developed by a group of teenagers who call themselves “StyLis studios”. The game encourages the players for teamwork and co-operation to complete objectives and win against the opposing teams.

In simplest possible terms, the team with the most kills wins the match! The game is very similar to the setup of Counter Strike (which influenced the game to be created). A timer is set before every match and by the end of the time the team with the most kills wins. The game has more than 2,000 active players and almost 30,000 positive reviews.

The game can support 32 players per server, so it offers a pretty big LAN party. You can communicate with your other teammates to plan for an attack or come up with a strategy etc. Overall it’s a pretty challenging team game and enjoys a healthy online player following from around the world.

The game is popular among game followers in YouTube and many Youtubers regularly make and post some exciting videos of Phantom Force game play on YouTube.

Phantom Forces Tips and Tricks:

Following Phantom forces tips and tricks would work as your Phantom forces guide for an interesting game play:

  • The single most important point to be a good player is being aware of your favorite guns, ability to modify them in the best way possible or how they suit you. If you have full control over your weapon and aware of its right usage then you are possibly and probably unstoppable.
  • If you are a sniper it is not recommended to use lasers (as they might disturb your aiming).
  • If you are taking sniper as a primary weapon, you should choose a weapon that can shoot fast (as your secondary one) because it will help you get out of tight situations easily.
  • If you have a good aim with snipers, it is recommended that you take something with low rate of fire (and high damage) as your secondary weapon.
  • Once you are playing (while aiming), you should keep on moving. Keeping static while aiming can make you an easy target for your opponent. Just scoot while you shoot.
  • If you are moving long distances (without cover), then you should switch to your secondary weapon as your character might run faster with it (though it may depend on what type of secondary weapon you have).
  • Keep looking behind (if you are exposed) as smart player would follow you to take you out (unexpectedly).
  • Constantly switch your places to avoid detection (especially, after you have made a kill).
  • The last thing (but perhaps the most important tip), if you have a gaming mouse you should use it while playing. It will make your gaming experience much easier and pleasurable. However, smarter players are known to do equally good with more complex controls.

How to Get Your Game On Front Page in Roblox

Getting your game on front page gives you a lot of benefits. It helps create your brand and most importantly it earns you a lot of free roblox. There are some particular things you need to have in mind when it comes to your roblox game. It is not easy, but it is not hard as well. Without further due here are my top 6 things on how to get your game on front page in Roblox.

1. Idea

The game idea is one of the most important things in making a game. Try not to make a game that have been made 100 times already. It is important and it is the hardest step. Think of something that will get people’s interest. It can be something that has to do with your favorite hobbies like music or sports, construction or cars, etc. Don’t make an RB, don’t make a sword fight game and definitely don’t make a hangout place because it’s been made too many times already. It’s easy to make and that’s not gonna get you a lot of visits. It’s just a WASTE of time.

2. Details

Believe it or not, people like to play games that are detailed. Take your time on the detailing and do not rush it because that will make it worse. Make as detailed, but not too deailed, otherwise it may be very slow and laggy for the other players. Not everyone has a PC with high specs. They might have a cheap slow video card. I would recommend the maximum of maximum 25,000 bricks. If you are not sure how many bricks you’ve added get a copy of crazyman32‘s model called Brick Counter GUI. Leave this in your work space so that when you go to play your game it comes up with a GUI telling you how many bricks are in your game. You can also use a free model if you feel you can’t make your own. What I usually do is I take a model and I edit it and make it function a lot better. I pay a lot of attention to details and I try to make it visually stunning. When people see that you paid attention to the details, they will definitely give the place a Like and this is what you are looking for.

3. Advertising

Advertising gets you to easy visits, but they also cost you robux. Use programs like, photoshop cc. They have the tools you need to make a great add. is a free photo editing software so you can download it for free. Adobe Photoshop is ridiculously expensive and it is used by film companies or music studios and things as such. It’s your decision which on will be better for you. I always use for my ads and I use it for my Youtube thumbnails as well. It’s fast and easy to work with. Along with I am using a plugin called Megalo Effects Plugin Pack. On the page of the plugin choose the very first one on the top. With the plugin will be able to make your very first own ad. Your ad must be detailed and eye-catchy. Make it look bright to convince them play your game. They can be funny or they can be beautiful. You can look at other ads to make an idea on how you will want to make yours.

4. Scripting

It’s alright to use a free script. When I started roblox I sucked at scripting and I didn’t actually now what those functions mean. I looked out on the Roblox Wiki and I started out with the Basic Scripting Tutorials until I moved on to the Expert Tutorials. It’s hard to do it, but it helped me to become a good scripter even though it may take months to years of practice. Either way, get a free script and try to add to it something really amazing. That’s what I do really and that is a really good thing as you are grabbing ideas for your game.

5. Naming Your Game

It may not make sense for a lot of you, but it is best to name the game after you finish it. If you set your game title when you’re not finished and someone saw it, it will take your game idea to make his game and rush it a lot more to finish it before you. His game will be done already until you made the first page and you will be the one who copied the idea when he actually took your idea. Basically, the moral of the story is if you’re gonna make a game  and finish it before you name it. Don’t give your idea to anyone, keep it as a surprise.

6. Thumbnails and Video

This is the same as making an ad. Your thumbnail needs to be detailed as well and also to fill in the theme of your game. Thumbnails like that are great thumbnails and that is what people really want to see. As with ads you can check what other popular builder’s are making for their videos and thumbnails as well. Just like crazyblox‘s video on his flood escape game. His video looks well produced and professional with a minimum of effort.

These are my most important six steps in making your own game and to get it on front page. Just remember that this will take a lot of time. You need to strongly follow these six rules, be patience, keep advertising your game and you will eventually get to the front page.


Roblox Robux Cheat 2018 – ROBLOX FREE R$

roblox injector

Do We Really Need Free Robux in Roblox?

The legit way to get robux in roblox is by creating and selling your own ideas and creations. However this may take years to accomplish. Becoming a top creator requires talent and a lot of hard work. Not just because it is hard to create and build in roblox, but also because there are so many creators already. Some got lucky and become successful, while others still may be as good as others, never saw their goal materialized. Hence, having free roblox in roblox is what most of us need more than anything else. This can be done with the new version of the roblox robux cheat 2018.

roblox robux cheat

This roblox robux cheat uses a multinational network that together help you obtain free robux. The program does not require your password. All you need to provide is your roblox username. Previous versions were unstable and sometimes crashed during the delivery process. Before the release of this roblox hack, we had the team to test it intensively. This helped us to improve the roblox cheat to the point of perfection. You can get thousands of free robux in a few simple steps using this particular free robux hack.

Can Anyone Use This Roblox Robux Cheat?

There are no limits on who can actually make use of the robux cheat. All you need to know is that you will not be able to deliver unlimited amounts of robux at once. You will have to select one of the already available amounts more times to deliver thousands and thousands of free robux. Based on your location, it may take longer for the robux to show up into your account. However, the multinational network can be helpful if you live in one of the areas under the “Choose your Server” tab. You can select the closest region to your location to make the delivery process faster and more accurate.

The roblox robux cheat is periodically updated to help maintain it in safe working conditions without getting your account banned. It is very easy to use and it also has an anti ban protection. This changes your IP and helps your account to be undetected while the free robux generator is being delivered to your account. Most importantly, this roblox robux generator does not require you to download any files. This gives you the freedom to use the roblox free robux cheat from any device. You can use it from your PC, MAC, IPhone, Tablet or even PS4 or XBOX.

The new version of the cheat offers you the ability to hack the systems without ever being detected. Your roblox account is 100% safe. The predefined amounts of robux you can generate are the same amounts from the roblox store. This makes you practically invisible to any detection and security system. Many users are already using the program daily without receiving any complaints of getting their accounts banned. You can too use the roblox robux hack tool to gain free unlimited robux.

It is no wonder that roblox loses a lot of fans. We believe this happens mostly due to the overpriced robux. The game could be a lot broader and more interesting in a world without overpriced robux. This why such tools as this free roblox robux generator is highly required. We need to keep the roblox community together. To be able to do this we need a friendly environment where gamers don’t play under the frustration created by not having robux. Having free robux in roblox will benefit a lot of people in roblox.

This roblox robux generator is constantly updated. This means that if we receive any complaints about account being banned we jump into investigation and take the necessary measures to avoid this. This is why having a free robux public website is helpful for resolving in short time any issues that might pop-up regarding this robux generator no survey.

More about how to get free robux in roblox: Roblox Hack For Robux 2018

FIVE DEAD & ALIVE Building Games Like Roblox (or Minecraft)

Roblox is one of the most popular games of its genre alongside Minecraft. However, other companies copied their gameplay, or even making them more fun than the original. Sadly, most of these games are not available anymore and all we have now is just a memory of them.

Below you will find a top games like roblox using the same building type of gameplay. I have lots of friends talking about and remembering them. Although Minecraft and Roblox are still the most popular, there are other similar games that used to rock back in the days. Below are top 5 dead games like roblox or minecraft.


1. Terraria

Is it almost impossible you never heard of this game before, maybe most of you already played it. This follows an RPG type of gameplay with action-adventure elements that has instantly become popular on PC and even on smartphones. Very simple concept, Terraria helps feed your curiosity and creativity in fast paced mode making it a truly fun and exciting game to play. Although a 2D style of gameplay it engages you in using your building skills to defeat a wide variety of enemies each with its own abilities and challenges.

free realms logo
2. Free Realms

This game was developed by Sony. It was releas back in 2009 and was closed down on March 31, 2014. It enabled you to take part in building activities in its 5 levels story. What was setting this one apart fro the rest of the more popular games was the option to choose any type of character to play with. And by any , I literally mean any type. If you want to be a policeman or an architect or anything in between this was the game for you. So sad this one has to come to an end. Rest In Peace!

cubelands logo
3. Cubelands

Maybe one of the most creative driven games, Cubelands lets you build anything your imagination can perceive. It used 3D type of gameplay and can was played straight from your browser. You had more types of cubes to choose from to aid you construct the most complex structures. For a flash game, the graphics were remarkable making jealous a lot of windows based games. If you really wanted to stretch your creativity and imagination, Cubelands was definitely helpful. Sadly this one it isn’t around us anymore. R.I.P.

garry's mod logo
4. Garry’s Mod

Maybe the most appreciated alternative for Roblox, GMod follows the same sandbox type of physics. You don’t have a clear goal, hence the game is focused on the building process. You can build anything using the game’s resources starting from buildings, cars houses, etc. Using the Havok Physics Engine you can create very realistic devices based on real laws of physics. Similar to Roblox, in Garry’s Mod you can make use of props that other members of the game have built and shared with everybody.

blockland logo
5. Blockland

Using lego type of blocks, Blockland forces you to create structural buildings instead of letting your imagination wonder around with only cube like shape forms. Although this may not seem a very different approach it actually changes a lot the creative process of building. The game was released in 2007 and follows a rather non-competitive gameplay which enables player to follow a more peacefully experience in a friendly environment. The game is not related in any way with the big Lego company.

This were the favorite dead and alive top five games like roblox. Please share your thoughts in the comments section about these great games that are around us. And also please share your thoughts on why do you think Cubelands and Free Realms didn’t make it in the long run.


RŌBLOX is one of the most played games with a huge variety of players from all around the globe. If you are a new player it is helpful to know from the start what this game is really about. As soon as you join you will be able to customize your own character that best represent you and your style. You have access to maybe the widest variety ever seen in any avatar creation process of any game. You have access to other users creations as well apart from the official ones built by the developers. If you have a low power machine this is the game for you as it only requires just a 1.9 GHz processor and as low as 512 RAM of virtual memory.

This may be one of the most interactive online games as it is based on sharing your creations to the millions of users world-wide. Your avatar is one of the elements that can be shared with everybody. You can spend a lot of time just in customizing your own character. You can pick from features such as head style or even face type to help you create the perfect 3D character. There is no limit when it comes to expressing your vision and style through your avatar. To take things even further you can subscribe to the roblox club. This will get you out of the crowd by having access to exclusive body parts available only to members.

Roblox uses mini-games type of gameplay that you can create or play the ones already available. However, you need to spend some time in learning the Lua scripting software to successfully create your own virtual world. If you don’t want to become a builder, there are already millions of games to choose from and play. This big variety of games is what attracts to the roblox world over 15 million active users. Being a builder’s game you have access to unlimited blocks and other elements to help you build a complex and fun world. If you want to learn more about how to script in roblox with the Lua scripting software, click on the image below:


Although a simple concept for a game, roblox is definitely one of the most complex online games. To become even a more experienced builder you want to learn using the GUI scripting system. This scripting technique was initially used only by the roblox developers. With access to something such complex, the building process is taken to a new level and can result in even more complex worlds and games to enjoy and share. Roblox is a game that encourages users to become developers themselves instead of being merely participants. With an extra effort you can create the most challenging games that other users will appreciate and play. You can create an easy to complete game or you can be more creative and build a challenging world that will give users something to talk about. To Learn GUI Scripting check out this guy’s great tutorials.

Robux is the game’s currency which can be used to buy or to trade. By spending enough time and energy in creating games you can earn lots of robux. You receive robux for the games you create, although you can earn a lot more if you create an interesting world that users like to visit. Other people are actually exclusively playing roblox just for receiving money for their creations, this way making a decent monthly income. It’s your choice if you want to be a roblox player or you just want to build and earn. Or maybe even both!



This is our first post. We shall introduce ourselves briefly beforehand. We are three guys aged between 14-17 which decided to take things to the next level in Roblox. What we mean is that we want to share to people around the world, tutorials and guides to be better roblox’ers. Roblox is one of a kind and it is an honor to be able to do such a great thing.

Although there are other people posting their own tutorials on the internet we will try to add something above what you already can find online. this is not easy, but it is not impossible. Being driven by the idea of sharing to other fellow roblox users, we will be more engaged to discover new things in roblox. In order to have more fun in roblox you need to be more taught. You need to be aware of all variables that will make your overall gameplay more fulfilling.